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Opening Hours

8:30am to 6:00pm, or at other times for wholesale orders by appointment only. Open 7 days a week over the period when we are harvesting fruit. Generally this is from mid-December, to the end of January, depending on the season. Open on all public holidays except Christmas Day.

Within this period there may be some short breaks when we do not have fruit, for example when a variety is slow to ripen.  At other times on the rare hot days of about 40 Deg C when the fruit does not stand upto the heat, we may be closed for part of the day. So please check before you come if you have to travel any great distance.

Who we are

Mount Gisborne Cherries is an orchard in the Macedon Ranges that produces, markets and sells excellent quality cherries for the fresh market.  Fruit from this orchard are picked, packed and ready for sale.

As growers we have close to 20 years of growing experience.  We sell direct to the public, to many retail outlets through the Footscray wholesale market and direct to some specialty retail outlets.

We practice responsible and sustainable agricultural techniques.  We are not organic but use what products we do have available selectively and sparingly to ensure our customers have the safest and best quality product to consume.  All steps of our operation are closely monitored to ensure we conform to industry acknowledged standards.

Currently we have planted 22 varieties of cherry.  These comprise of fruits with many different characteristics as far as sweetness, taste, firmness and colour are concerned.  However most importantly it extends out production season over 6 to 8 weeks. the person.
Our fruit does not mature until late in the season. This is because it is grown in the cooler altitudes of the Macedon Ranges.   The lateness allows the full flavours to develop in the fruit prior to picking.

Cherries are a perishable commodity and therefore must be very carefully managed in order to maintain the best possible shelf life.  For the customers convenience, Mount Gisborne Cherries are picked, cooled, graded, and packed prior to selling.   When the public gets our product it is fresh with a minimum of delay between picking and selling.

Prices are based on the Wholesale prices we receive in the market place.  Prices vary depending on quality and on supply in the market and the quality of our cherries.  We believe our prices are very competitive for the quality of the product we offer.

425 Mt Gisborne Rd, Gisborne. VIC 3437 | P: 03 5428 8044 E:
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