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Eat More Cherries

Cherries are produced from natures own sunshine and water. Cherries are 100% natural products. This makes cherries nature’s perfect snack.

Cherries not only look good, taste good but are nutritionally good for you. They are rich sources of vitamins such as C and B and minerals like potassium, all essentials in the human diet.

Cherries are reported to contain substances that promote good health. And they taste so good.

Our Cherries

While our cherries are always top quality, they are grown at natures whim.  They vary from season to season and variety to variety.   Each bite is a delicious surprise.

Our cherries are grown, pruned irrigated and fed using industry’s best management practices.

Orchard practice at Mt Gisborne cherries embraces sustainable management.  This is good for our customers and for our environment.

Water is always in short supply.  Our fruit is grown without wasting a drop by managing our irrigation with the latest water management techniques.

Fruit at Mount Gisborne cherries is grown in harmony with our local wild life.  We achieve this by excluding wild life from the orchard using nets.

Mount Gisborne Cherries employs lots of local people and contributes to the local rural economy.

  • Cherries have no fat.  Cherries are as good for you as they taste.
  • Cherries are reputed to be beneficial to gout sufferers.
  • Cherries are ideal for the lunch box, they are easy to pack and easy to eat without a mess.  Cherries are a versatile fruit.
  • Cherries come in many different colours, flavours, textures, and sizes.  There is a type to suit every taste.  Take a bite to pure delight.
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